Media_Training-fotoThe media can be a powerful tool to deliver information about your company and its products and services. Whether it’s trade or consumer publications, the growing field of online-only outlets like blogs, or even television or radio, your target audiences are listening.

But it’s crucial to be prepared before you, or anyone from your company, spends time with an editor, reporter or blogger. That’s why media training is so important – not only because it provides the tools, tips and techniques to have a successful interview, but because it serves a strategic purpose.

Here’s what I mean. At TSN Communications, we conduct many media training sessions, both in person and via phone, to empower our clients for success no matter the type of interview. We stress preparedness, which of course includes knowing the media outlet and the editor or reporter who will be conducting the interview, along with the story focus and even the questions that will be asked.

But we also stress developing and delivering three key messages throughout the course of the interview. That could include brand-, product- or service-related messages, but the important thing is to deliver three. Why? The mind thinks in terms of threes, making it easier for the editor or reporter to both remember and write/type.

We also focus on the fact that repetition is a good thing in media interview. We strongly recommend getting out those three key messages early and often in an interview, because they more you repeat them, the better chance they have to end up in print, online or on video – which is where target audiences will see them.

Media training is both an art and science, and we like to think it’s merely table stakes when it comes to successful media interaction. If you’re planning a media outreach campaign, don’t take another step until you’ve gone through our full media training session. Give us a call at 877-411-3243 x816, or visit our Contact Us page, to learn more.

Image credit: VIANEWS blog.