Brand Development: Key Messaging

Build Your Brand and Drive Customers to Your Site

Tell everyone in your organization and the media exactly who you are. TSN works to ensure brand messages are consistent throughout all marketing components. A cohesive brand strategy strengthens your organization’s identity within your industry and can help set you apart from the competition. We’ll work with you to create brand standards for your marketing materials and key messaging. Let us build your new brand.

Brand Development: the process of improving a brand or improving customers’ knowledge and opinions of a brand.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. It helps assign a personality and a promise to an organization and its products or services, something to which customers can relate. Would you like to be perceived by others as boring, unattractive or even worse, forgettable? Of course not. It’s the same for your organization.

Branding and marketing go hand in hand. Often, your brochure, business card, letterhead or even email signature is the first point of contact and impression customers have of your organization. It conveys in a simple way what the brand promises.

One of TSN Communications’ specialties is creating and delivering compelling marketing materials that convey our clients’ unique selling propositions to buyers, and linking it to the brand. We do that by asking the right questions and gathering the right information first.

Starting with a brand discovery session, we are able to assess the gap between where the existing brand currently stands and where it aspires to be. In short, we ask a lot of questions, including:

  • What is your organization’s mission, and how does it add value to customers?
  • What is your organization known most for in its industry?
  • What benefits do your products and/or services provide to customers?
  • What do you believe existing and prospective customers think of your organization? And, what research do you have that supports that?
  • What are qualities you would like existing and prospective customers to associate with your organization?

Questions like that give us the raw material we need to take the brand from Point A to Point B. In other words, the front-end thinking is what’s most important to a branding effort that aligns seamlessly with marketing efforts – and that’s something TSN Communications does every day with our clients.

Want to get started on a re-branding effort with TSN Communications? Start by asking one simple question: What does your brand say about your organization?

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Squiggles and Millie Brewster

Squiggles and Millie Brewster

Shredding Department

Orange tabby Squiggles is big man on campus: Neighbors love him and chipmunks fear him. His sidekick, Millie holds the regional record for marathon napping. She uses her generous size to anchor furniture and work near Janice Brewster.

Penny Hill

Penny Hill

Stay-at-home Mom

Meet Penny, Natalie Hill's canine colleague and stay-at-home mom to three human children (not by choice). Penny, the most rested mammal in her household, enjoys short walks to the mailbox and howling to the national anthem. Guilty pleasures include indulging in toddler food scraps and binge-watching Animal Planet.

Biscuit Puckett

Biscuit Puckett

Agility Specialist

Biscuit, working alongside Julie Puckett, provides day-to-day strategy and communicates through constant movement. She trains other team members in her highly effective “one-step sleeping guide.” Her most impressive skill is her commitment to food.

Dewey Barclay

Dewey Barclay

Neighborhood Watch

Dewey, an aging puggle, is Julianne Barclay’s vigilant watchdog. Besides making sure no one interrupts her conference calls, his greatest skill is giving high fives when offered cheese.

Rhaegar Amato

Rhaegar Amato

Social Director

Rhaegar, who works alongside Adrianna Amato, oversees all social activities (a.k.a. playtime). He takes "work hard, play hard" seriously and never misses a chance to meet someone new. His guilty pleasures include destroying toys, chewing on sticks and stealing socks.

Fräulein Zella Zilberfarb

Fräulein Zella Zilberfarb

German Interpreter

Zella is new to the team. As a German shorthaired pointer, she is fluent in German and English. When she is not searching for business in Germany she is following Greg Zilberfarb closely around the office while providing 24/7 security.


"My first comment to Greg was, 'What do you know about my business?' He said, 'Not as much as you, but we have a process to get you attention,' and he was right!"

Lynn Dyer

Lynn D. - President, Foodservice Packaging Institute


"TSN doesn't charge a monthly retainer fee and after working with them for years, I can't believe other agencies do! Great work, on time and under budget!"



Jeff Antonioli

Jeff A. - Vice President Sales & Marketing, Spenco Footwear

"TSN is a valuable asset to our company. Their knowledge of our business, the marketplace and public relations allow them to provide excellent insight and direction for our marketing plans. TSN’s team is not only great to work with, but they go above and beyond for their customers."


Chelsea Uphaus

Chelsea U. - Marketing Manager, ROUSH CleanTech


" Forgoing retainer fees and offering a no-nonsense approach to meeting our strategic marketing goals sets TSN far apart from their competition."

Crystelle M. - Marketing Director, Superior Energy Systems